An event to honor the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking

Dear Event Planners,

I trust that 2012 has begun with gusto and prosperity for you and your organization.

It  has certainly been an eventful beginning for me, especially in light of the recent sea tragedy of the CostaConcordia. It appears that  the topic of safety (or lack of) on our seas  has resurfaced and is the buzz  in the media,  online,  and at social gatherings.  For me,  it has become a  renewed mission.  I am following closely details surrounding the shipwreck off the  coast of Italy,  and plan to address it at all my speaking venues.  I have the great fortune  of processing the event with  the top maritime societies in the U.S. In fact,  in 2011,  I became a member of the national marine forensics committee of the  Society of Naval architects and Marine engineers.  They have invited me to speak at the Inaugural Marine Forensics Symposium in Washington DC in April.  Film producer James Cameron is one of our featured speakers.

I have also been invited to release my new book at the symposium.   It is a young adult novel  called I Was Shipwrecked on the Andrea Doria!  The Titanic of the 1950s (cover attached). As if destiny had a hand in it,  the last paragraph of the book (completed in December),  states that I am seeking to inspire a new generation of marine scientists to enhance safety on our seas.  It all seems so serendipitous!

The media  has given me very generous opportunities to express my experience of surviving the Andrea Doria shipwreck and what the Costa  Concordia means to me.  It appears that being an author/authority of my own shipwreck gives me the “go-to-expert” designation. For complete my media coverage in the  New York Times, TV, and radio, visit While on my website,  you’ll want to peruse the section on speaking events:

If your group is  looking for a  timely and relevant topic, this one may fit the bill.  Along with any of the topics you may choose from below,  I can also discuss with authority the  Costa Concordia event,  whether in a Q&A,  and informal discussion, or  as it relates to the  Titanic and Andrea Doria.  It is said that history repeats itself;  unfortunately,  the three shipwrecks are evidence of this.

I look forward to  discussing your group’s needs with you,  especially during this 100 anniversary year of the Titanic disaster.  For your convenience,  I have attached my biography.  Please feel free to contact me for  inquiries or booking events.  I’m confident that we can  explore possibilities that meet your budget. For more affordability,  I have a special offer: Book an event before March 11,  and you will receive 20% off my fee.

Warm regards,

Pierette Simpson

Ps. It would be appreciated if you could share this email with other event planners who may be interested. Thank you!


Topic 1: wide appeal 

A Nostalgic Journey: The Andrea Doria?s Last Crossing. Andrea Doria shipwreck survivor/author unveils her personal experience and scientific discoveries of the calamity. A compelling first-hand account is enhanced by its message: in spite of adversities, the American dream is within our reach if pursued with courage, purpose, gusto, and gratitude.


Topic 2: 

Anatomy of Three Shipwrecks: Titanic, Andrea Doria, Costa Concordia:  what do they have in common?  What have we learned?  What do we need to learn? This topic will be presented with me leading a group discussion, along with sharing my personal experience on the Andrea Doria.

(appropriate formaritime, sociology, library, and history enthusiasts)


Topic 3: 

Writing Memoir: A Journey from Tragedy to Triumph Valuable information for potential and established authors or anyone wishing to document and rewrite their life script. Includes the challenges of researching and revealing personal information. (can be directed to all ages)

Topic 4: Especially for the classroom

I Survived a Shipwreck to Tell about It: The Andrea Doria- Stockholm Collision Ms

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. Simpson’s personal account was published in Cricket Magazine, October 2009.  In addition to the  author’s personal experience, topics across the curriculum can be addressed:  writing a novel, immigration, grand parenting,  survival, gratitude for our experiences, character education, etc. Ms. Simpson can deliver presentations in French and Italian as well. Critical thinking skills will be suggested in pre-reading, discussion, and follow-up activities. Having taught pre-K3 to AP 12, the author will adjust the presentation for suitability at all grade levels.

Topic 5:

Transcending a Shipwreck and Other Life Crises After having survived the calamitous Andrea Doria shipwreck, Ms. Simpson faced a plethora of other challenges: family traumas, immigration, poverty, widowhood, illness, and divorce. By bravely revealing her experiences and how she was able to overcome them, Simpson emphatically inspires students to realize that tough times don’?t last—tough people do; and most of all, that education provides the tools to navigate to a path of success. Ms. Simpson?s message is powerful and clear:education is the key to liberation. (appropriate for students at all levels, as well as parents, staff) Note: the message can be altered to target various audiences.

Topic 6: The Treasures of the Andrea Doria: Before and after the Tragedy

Presentation is accompanied by a large collection of photographs about the opulent Life and tragic demise of the Andrea Doria. This topic can be either presented alone or with John Moyer, diver/salver/collector extraordinaire of the Andrea Doria.  Moyer has recovered some of the most precious artwork from thewreck: gigantic ceramic wall panels, statues, etc. He even owns part of theAdmiral Andrea Doria statue. We have discussed this and think that a survivor/author and diver/salver/collector would create a most dynamic and unique combination.

Other Topics on which I can elaborate: grand parenting, an author?s journey, ethnic bias, correcting history, immigration,  the role of the clergy and women  in survival,  and more.



Thank you for such an informative and interesting talk last night at the Friends of the Plymouth District Library Annual Meeting. The audience was completely wowed (including me)! Even though I had already read the book, I was fascinated by hearing you tell the story. Ela Rybicka from Schoolcraft College had told me that the audience would be positively mesmerized by you and she was absolutely right? Perhaps the highest praise came from one otherwise grumpy gentleman, whom I’ve never heard give anyone a compliment, who thanked me for booking such a great speaker! You exceeded our already high expectations for entertainment and education. ~~~ Deborah Tarachuk, Librarian, Plymouth District Library (Michigan)

Thank you for your wonderful lecture! It was enthralling and everyone that attended sat spell-bound to their seats as you told your amazing story? everyone loved you! Your presentation was emotional and from the heart but it was also extraordinarily informative. I’ve heard much of the story of the Andrea Doria, but never in such a riveting and exciting way. ~~~ Will Roseman, Co-chairman ?Sea Stories?, Explorers Club of Manhattan, NY

The ultimate author experience occurred in March, 2008 at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan. Ms. Pierette Domenica Simpson visited Pageturners, our college book club, and interacted with over 150 members of the audience. We were all impressed with her captivating presentation style, her warmth, and her sincere interest in our students. Ms. Simpson took us on the unforgettable Andrea Doria voyage, bringing text to life with deep insight, profound honesty, and clarity of thought. I, along with the rest of audience, was riveted by the account of her experience. Our students, faculty, and staff are still talking about her visit. Mr. Simpson, thank you for coming to our college. ElzbietaRybicka, ~~~ Pageturners Coordinator, Assistant Professor, English, Schoolcraft College

Outstanding presentation! Pierette’s explicit recount of that horrifying night and
her determination to survive, gave the audience a bone chilling, hair raising
experience that will not be forgotten. ~~~ Ronald A. DiBartolomeo President,
Italian American Chamber of Commerce of Michigan

…in awe… as someone interested in the Doria, I’m impressed at your eloquent
and fascinating testimonial to that event. I hope to hear you speak again. ~~~ Chuck Moss, State Representative









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