Local Andrea Doria Shipwreck Survivor and Author Will Release New Novel, I Was Shipwrecked on the Andrea Doria, at Mariners Church in Detroit, Sunday, April 15

Local Andrea Doria Shipwreck Survivor and Author Will Release New Novel, I Was Shipwrecked on the Andrea Doria, at Mariners Church in Detroit, Sunday, April 15

The release coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, April 15, 2012

NOVI, MI /April 10, 2012 – Local Andrea Doria survivor and author, Pierette Simpson  (http://www.pierettesimpson.com, will launch her second book, I Was Shipwrecked on the Andrea Doria! The Titanic of the 1950s. (www.IWasShipwreckedontheAndreaDoria.com) at the historic Mariners Church of Detroit, Sunday, April 15, at 11:00am. The public is invited to attend the service and the book signing which follows.

Ms. Simpson’s new book is a fictional version of the calamitous collision between two ocean liners in July 1956. Simpson explains, “I wrote the novel in honor of the Titanic and Andrea Doria tragedies. There are many parallels between the two. The plot portrays a shipwreck anatomy intended to inspire a new generation of marine scientists who will design vessels less likely to collide and sink. But the story is intended to interest readers of all ages.”

Simpson recently returned from releasing her book nationally at the First International Marine Forensics Symposium in DC. She also became the first shipwreck survivor and author to collaborate with a naval architect in writing and presenting a technical paper: “The Loss of the Andrea Doria”. The symposium was largest gathering of prominent scientists, archaeologists, oceanographers, engineers and authors, including P.H. Nargeolet, world-renowned pioneer in the field of deep-sea exploration.

Earlier this year, Simpson was appointed as member of the marine forensics committee for the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers for her in-depth research about her own shipwreck, the Andrea Doria-Stockholm collision on the Atlantic. The results were published in Alive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest Sea Rescue in History.

This Sunday’s service, with full choir, will include a tribute to the Titanic tragedy along with that of the Andrea Doria. Father Paul Innes will preside

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. Ms. Simpson and fellow shipwreck survivor, Germaine Strobel, are also invited to speak. They will be available for book signing after the service. Directions and parking: http://marinerschurchofdetroit.org/directions/


As a nine-year-old immigrating to Detroit, MI with her grandparents, Pierette Simpson became one of the youngest survivors of the Andrea DoriaStockholm collision on July 25, 1956. Ms. Simpson’s first book, Alive on the Andrea Doria! Greatest Sea Rescue in History (www.pierettesimpson.com), was published in 2006 for the 50th anniversary of the sea tragedy. She was recently interviewed about the recent Costa Concordia tragedy (http://www.pierettesimpson.com/press/costa-concordia/) The author now resides in Novi, MI.



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