Survivors of the Titanic: The Untold Stories

It is hard to believe that it has been a hundred years since the Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage. By now everyone has heard of the tragedy that happened during the ship’s journey. People across the world have been mesmerized by the stories of those who have survived. People from all walks of life have become fascinating parts of history for future generations. Thanks to Hollywood,we now have movies that capture what may have happened during the ship’s final hours. Though we know about the rich and famous, what about those who are rarely talked about

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. Since there were only slightly mare than 700 survivors, it is time that we heard other sides of the story.


Charles Joughin

Charles has proven that surviving on whiskey can help keep your insides warm. You can actually see his character portrayed in several adaptations of the tragedy as a fun loving drunk who clung on to a railing for dear life. Though he may have been shown as always having fun, Joughin was actually on the ship as a baker and had signed on to work the ship since its delivery in Belfast. As chief baker, Charles was in charge of watching over other bakers who worked under him. When the ship hit the iceberg he immediately took action and got his crew up to the life boats, providing each of them with bread. Through his efforts, he is also known for helping women and children understand the severity of the situation and getting them on life boats. Charles stayed aboard the ship until it began to sink. Once he was in the water he had to survive for almost three hours in the freezing cold until he was rescued. Many attribute the fact that he stayed on the ship and enjoyed whiskey as the reason for him being able to survive the cold for as long as he did.

Margaret Devaney

Margaret was in her late teens when she boarded the ship with a few of her girlfriends. Margaret was leaving Ireland to meet up with her family that was already in New York. While they were on the ship the girls were unaware of what was happening around them until another passenger alerted them that they need to get their lifejackets and head up to the deck. If you have seen Titanic then you probably remember that some of the gates were locked, stranding passengers on their class levels. Through this tragedy, the girls were still able to find themselves to a ladder that lead to a deck. After one of her friends got seasickness, Margaret decided to continue on alone. Up on the deck she was shoved into a boat. Once aboard the boat, there were issues getting the boat loose. Luckily, Margaret had a pocket knife and they were able to use it to get the life boat free.

Dr. Washington Dodge

When he set sail on the Titanic, Dr. Washington Dodge was an affluent banker who was just returning from a European vacation with his wife and son. On the night of the accident the doctor and his wife were walking on the deck when they noticed the swift change in temperature. Later that night they were awaken when the ship hit the iceberg. After seeing that nothing seemed amiss they decided to stay in their room. After a while there was still an air of nervousness that could not be shaken. This time when they emerged from their room they noticed a different picture. People were pushing to get on the life boats and the doctor rushed his family along. Once his wife and child were securely on a boat, Dodge was allowed to get on a boat because of his class. After surviving the sinking vessel, tragedy struck the Dodge family again when Dr. Washington attempted to kill himself in 1919.

Jennie Hansen

There are just some people who bad luck tends to find, and Jennie Hansen is one of those people. Prior to embarking on the Titanic, Jennie was in a hotel fire, almost died in the elevator, and was found unconscious due to gas fumes. Jennie knew in her gut that something bad would happen when she and her husband took the voyage aboard the ship. After the ship hit the iceberg, Jennie’s husband was insistent that she board the life boats and live to tell their story. Both her husband and his brother never made it off the perishing ship. Following the trauma, Jennie recovered in New York where it was discovered that she was no longer able to shed tears. She subsequently suffered from horrific nightmares about the accident.

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