Personal Safety Tips for Cruising are Offered with Love, Gratitude and Inspiration

Andrea Doria shipwreck survivor returns to the ocean blue. The little girl remembers the danger; the mature woman spiritually and emotionally turns over her fears to the wonders of gratitude. As a licensed US Coast Guard Navigator, I’m in awe of this pure blessing: my fellow THANK GOD I… author, Pierette Domenica Simpson, is taking to the magical waters of the Caribbean. On “Ocean of Gratitude”, accompanied by some fellow authors, she will truly be expressing a breakthrough from a previous ordeal: it’s called “Gratitude.”

The sea brings both mysticism and sheer force to a floating passenger vessel; to this, the average vacationer finds enticement; the shipwreck survivor feels vulnerability. What can be reassuring to the latter? Knowing that we have learned immensely from the errors of mariners before our time, even seeing the perfection in them. This allows us to marvel at the state of technological art with humble gratitude. Our heightened sense of security facilitates the pure essence of true sea love.

As the press continues to put fear and anxiety into cruise ship passengers, we should instead feel safe and protected by the upgrades in safety. Every passenger vessel is maintained under the strictest of standards to ensure safety. Joyous passengers are free to let their spirit soar and be in touch with the infinite nature of the sea. Nevertheless, technology is not a substitute for responsible behavior on board. Hence, allow this experienced mariner to offer some guidelines. Read the full article.

First of all, be prepared to take orders from the crew; this includes taking the lifeboat drill seriously. Know that crewmembers have extensive knowledge of what to do in routine and in emergency situations.

Second, whether you are meditating or drinking, both of these activities are going to release your spirits. Consume alcohol with the awareness that you are an adult, and that only you are responsible for you—nobody else. Therefore, straddling the balcony at 4am, in the pitch dark with 10 drinks in your toxic soul, will only mean that your accidental stumble will surely mark your divine exit into the world of the ocean unknown. For some of you, this may be perfection, but for those that want to continue in this incarnation of human hood, be wise and stay away from the rails.

Third, when you check in, go to your room first, remember your room number, and get your bearings on the ship. Make sure there are life preservers and know where to go in an emergency. Also, it is just as important to read the emergency signs in your room as intently as you do the bill on your last day in paradise.

Fourth, remember you are on a gratitude cruise. This means that all the meals you eat and all the clean walkways you pass through, are prepared by the same hands of God that you all possess. Be sure to show your appreciation to these dutiful sailors, because even though the captain dresses all pretty and takes pictures with you, he is not the only lifeblood of the ship. Share your appreciation and remember to smile into the eyes of the oneness that binds every soul on board.

Last of all, extend a reassuring hand to fellow passengers who may not feel the same sense of abandonment at sea that you do. There may be in your midst a soul who is taking to ocean travel for the first time, or perhaps is on a healing journey remembering “the last time,” with gratitude.

Aaron Kleinerman, USCG Second Officer Unlimited,?and Contributing Author, Thank God I… book series

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