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Pierette SimpsonYou have reached my craft while surfing to find history, mystery, science, justice, biography, or autobiography—but most importantly you have found a source where you’ll relive your inner strength by witnessing your fellow man’s astounding ability to survive.

In Alive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest Sea Rescue in History I will share with you my personal family story, along with other gripping accounts of survival. You will discover how 1,706 people managed to avoid extinction on a foggy night on the Atlantic. You will confront the most controversial sea disaster ever; equipped with untainted evidence you will break open a cold case which resolves—once and for all—what really happened on that “mysterious” night of July 25, 1956.

Before plunging into my real-life chronicle, you may want to peruse the site, learning more about me, through my blog, articles, and alliances. You may win a free autographed book! Invest in my audio book and earn yourself a free e-book.

If you find there is just too much to know, and too little time to find out, invite me to one of your events. I welcome the opportunity to recount how I managed to stay Alive on the Andrea Doria.

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