Discussion Questions

  • What were your personal circumstances for immigrating to America?
  • What is your recollection of the moments during the crash?
  • How were you and your grandparents rescued?
  • Do you or your grandparents remember any details about the crew’s actions?
  • How was your family affected emotionally or otherwise from the tragedy?
  • Was your family compensated for the loss of property?
  • Why wasn’t a court trial held to determine culpability?
  • What prompted you to write ALIVE ON THE ANDREA DORIA?
  • How did your objectives change after speaking with other survivors and maritime scientists?
  • What sources were instrumental in reaching your conclusions?
  • How does your research explain the collision? The sinking?
  • Why did both Italians and non-Italians originally blame the captain and his crew?
  • Why should the public believe your book’s explanation, rather than previous theories?
  • Why is this event remembered as “the greatest sea rescue in history?”
  • Have you derived any personal gratification from writing your book?
  • Why is your story considered inspirational?
  • Why do you say you’re grateful for the catastrophe?
  • What is the current condition of the wreck?
  • Is ocean travel safer now as a result of the Andrea Doria/Stockholm collision?
  • How are you involved with naval architects, marine engineers, divers, and memorabilia collectors?
  • Have you traveled by sea since the collision?
  • Is there a movie in the works?
  • What other books do you plan to write?

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