Alive on the Andrea Doria has brought me unpredicted satisfaction as an author and as someone who believes in leaving a legacy for mankind. I’m grateful for:

  • Receiving a global award given by my native region: the Piedmont. The award, “Piemontesi Protagonisti” recognizes patriotism and talent in piemontesi who have contributed works or projects highlighting culture, language, literature, and the arts.
  • Selling world film rights to a Roman producer for the Italian version of my book, L’Ultima Notte dell’Andrea Doria.
  • Collaborating in the making of two documentaries: PBS Secret of the Dead: Andrea Doria and La Lunga Notte dell’Andrea Doria.
  • Receiving the Collegian Award from my alma mater, Wayne State University. It recognizes alumni who have made contributions in their field of study to the community at large.
  • Being an award winner at The New England Book Festival; Alive on the Andrea Doria was recognized for general excellence and the author’s passion for telling a good story; and also for the potential of the work to reach a wider audience. The award was in the biography/autobiography category. (January 2009)
  • Reaching the title of best seller in three categories of Amazon.com: maritime science, admiralty law, ships and shipwrecks (just below James Cameron’s book, The Titanic).
  • Being the keynote speaker at the American Library Association convention in Chicago. Having my legacy (my book) available to the public at large has been my dream!
  • Providing a legal defense and a vindication on behalf of my fellow Italians, who were unjustly blamed for the collision and sinking of the luxury Andrea Doria.