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  • Stories of Survival at Sea
  • Cruise Experiences: Tips, True Stories, and Testimonials
  • Guest Bloggers

Stories of Survival at the Sea

As a shipwreck survivor,I’m curious about others’ survival experiences. My intention is to share these with the public, especially for educational purposes.

Your story may be included in my blog, newsletter, or a published article—with your permission. Length is at your discretion, but I suggest from 200-800 words. Your submission may be published in part or in full.


  • Make the story personal and emotional by describing feelings
  • Include quotes
  • Set the scene by revealing where, when, how, why, etc.
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Tell what you learned from the experience

Please send your story of survival at sea (or on any other body of water) by filling out the contact form below. Include the statement, “Pierette Simpson has my permission to publish my story in part or in full.”

Contact me if you have any questions. You will be given credit if you provide your name, city, state—and website, if you would like.

Share your cruise experiences related to these three categories by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Your entries may be published in my blog, newsletter, and articles. Include your name, city, state—and website if you would like. With each submission, please write “Pierette Simpson has my permission to publish my submission.” The project is ongoing, so there are no deadlines. If you have any questions, please contact Pierette.

CRUISE EXPERIENCES: Tips, True Stories, and Testimonials

Explanation and guidelines

Tips: one paragraph which shares valuable cruise tips that will benefit

True Stories: a one-paragraph story highlighting a personal experience
(fun, adventure, surprise, etc.)

Testimonials: a short favorable statement on the qualities and virtues of a
cruise line. Name the cruise line (required) and liner, if you wish. Possible
topics: service, entertainment, food, ‘green’ policies, safety, excursions, or
anything that caught your fancy. It’s helpful to know your destination and
time of year.

Thank you for sharing! Your entries will help others in their search of a
dream cruise.

Guest Bloggers

If you’re interested in being a guest blogger on my blog, fill out the contact form below.

Thank you for sharing!

Pierette Domenica Simpson

Comments or questions are welcome.

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