Speaking Events


“One of my favorite things to do …”

One of my favorite things about being an author is sharing my book and personalexperiences with captive audiences within academia, libraries, business, charities, maritime groups, clubs, social events, etc.

I target each presentation to the needs and interests of my audience. Typically, my talk includes a 6-minute clip form “CBS Sunday Morning” with Charles Osgood, by whom I was interviewed. I then share my personal experience, that of other survivors, as well as the controversy involved with the collision, rescue and sinking of the Andrea Doria. Questions and answers follow. The duration of my talk plus Q & A can last from 30 to 60 minutes, based on request.

I also bring artifacts and/or a survivor’s outfit, historical photos, and related books depending on the facilities.

Since Alive on the Andrea Doria encompasses a wide variety of topics, it appeals to:

  • History and maritime enthusiasts
  • Teachers and students of social science, history, and Italian
  • Seekers of adventure and mystery
  • Seekers of inspirational stories
  • Non-fiction writers

Speaking Topics

  • A Nostalgic Journey: The Andrea Doria’s Last Crossing.
    Andrea Doria shipwreck survivor/author unveils her personal experience and scientific discoveries of the calamity. (appropriate for all audiences)
  • Anatomy of a Shipwreck: Dissecting the Human and Scientific Aspects of the Andrea Doria- Stockholm Collision, Rescue, Sinking, and Diving the Wreck
    Historical research is at the heart of discovering the correct data, thereby setting the historical record straight. (appropriate for maritime, sociology, library, and history enthusiasts)
  • Writing Memoir: A Journey from Tragedy to Triumph
    Valuable information for potential and established authors or anyone wishing to document and rewrite their life script. Includes the challenges of researching and revealing personal information. (can be directed to all ages)
  • I Survived a Shipwreck to Tell about It: The Andrea Doria- Stockholm Collision
    Ms. Simpson’s personal account was published in “Cricket Magazine”, October 2009. Critical thinking skills will be implemented in pre-reading, discussion, and follow-up activities. In addition to the author’s personal experience and discoveries, topics across the curriculum can be addressed: weather, geography, immigration, grand parenting, writing, survival, gratitude for our experiences, character education, etc. Ms. Simpson can deliver presentations in French and Italian as well. (Having taught pre-K3 to AP 12, the author will adjust the presentation for suitability at all grade levels.)

Additionally, I am prepared to expand on the following:

  • History: post-world WWII immigration, transportation, discrimination
  • An author’s journey: from the decision to write, to getting published and marketing
  • Writing Memoir: the challenges of researching and revealing personal information
  • Character education: the main focus of my books is life ethics, i.e. seeking the good, following one’s heart, pursuing the truth, gratitude, courage and heroism, pride for one’s heritage, the immigrant work ethic that built America, and leaving a legacy, improving the quality of people’s lives
  • Italian and French language: presenting the story in Italian or French
  • Gratitude: We must be thankful for all our challenges, even catastrophes; they teach us our greatest lessons. I can mention other examples from Thank God I…Stories of Inspiration for Every Situation (For more information on my inspirational presentations, click here: Thank God I…)
  • Women’s role in survival: the Andrea Doria women

For a personalized presentation to meet your needs, contact:

  • pierette@pierettesimpson.com
  • call 248 444-3419