— Mike Stoller, of Leiber & Stoller, legendary songwriters, co-author of the book, “Hound Dog”.

Pierette’s poignant narration of a nine-year-old girl surviving a catastrophe is even more compelling than reading her words on the pages of her book– and that’s saying a lot! Her expressive voice invokes vivid memories of my personal experience on that terrible night. I’m honored to be included in her books.

— William Garzke, chairman of the Forensics Panel SD-7, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

I am recommending that anyone investigating a ship loss should read your book. This is just how good it is, Pierette. I particularly was impressed on how you selectively followed up on some of the survivors and showed just how this tragedy affected them in their later lives….Those who have read it agree that it is a very good factual account of what happened.

— Ned Middleton, British professional underwater photo-journalist, author, retired sea captain

There are few people in the world I regret never having met. This author is,in many ways, a kindred spirit and one I would like to meet. Perhaps one day!

Although well qualified to write such an account – after all she did survive the sinking of the Andrea Doria, no one person could possibly write the complete story of the loss of this ship from personal experience – if only because that person would have to have been present at every single event on both ships, as they took place. The only way, therefore, for any author to produce such a definitive account is, as I have said so many times, through research, research and yet more research.

There are some accounts of this particular tragedy which are confined to a collection of photographs and others which seek to change facts by portraying the guilty as innocent. Elsewhere, there are versions which add nothing to the boiling pot of knowledge except to rewrite what is already known after research confined to a limited amount of previously published information.

In this work, however, the author was drawn inextricably to the subject through numerous conversations about the ship. She was surprised to learn that so many people either knew another survivor or of someone who had missed the sailing and was, therefore, spared the tragedy. Over time she became more involved and eventually wrote this account to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the ship’s loss.

Rarely, if ever, have I read such a complete account of the loss of any single ship and we students of shipwreck should be grateful that such a complete and honest account was finally published.

— Sea Classics, Maritime Journal

Scheduled for nationwide release on the 50th anniversary of the tragedy is a survivor’s tale that is the ultimate page-turner. Alive on the Andrea Doria! reads like a real-life version of the suspense-packed novel/film The Poseidon Adventure. Switch Poseidon’s locations, era and give fictitious characters real names and you have the makings of a first-class read from cover to cover.

— Germaine Strobel, Andrea Doria survivor

“Befitting the fiftieth anniversary of the collision, this book details with irrefutable scientific evidence what caused the tragedy, challenging all previous theories. This thrilling tale of survival and intrigue follows the unjust fate of Captain Calamai so that we realize how the twisted bow of the damaged Stockholm symbolizes the twist of fate that befell Calamai and the italian maritime industry. Alive on the Andrea Doria! will set the historical record straight at last”

— Maurizio Eliseo,naval inspector, author, professor, historian

“It is difficult to constrain the fascinating and intricate story of the Andrea Doria tragedy within the pages of a book. But this has been done, thanks to Pierette Simpson. If you like mysteries, do not read this book, because she was there, and she’ll tell you the untold truth, putting an end to the Andrea Doria mystery. A praise worthy achievement!”

— A Great Read with New Survivors’ Stories, August 22, 2006 Reviewer: Midwestern Reader (Kansas, USA) See all my reviews

Alive on the Andrea Doria is an incredible book! Pierette Simpson, author and survivor, offers a compelling, well-researched read. Her vivid accounts pull readers right into the emotions, sights and sounds of what happened July 25 and 26, 1956. I’ve read other books about the sinking of the Titanic and many about the Andrea Doria. But this book from an author who was nine at the time of the collision is especially comprehensive. She interviewed other survivors and tells their stories with a flow of details. She gathered information from maritime experts, divers, and even crew from Italy. Simpson weaves in her own experiences. She brings new researched information about causes of the controversial collision with the Stockholm. Photos and maps add to a very engrossing book. — An important historical piece – plus a real page turner!

— August 14, 2006 Reviewer: stbnardmama “stbnardmama” (Charlotte NC) See all my reviews

What an amazing story! “Alive on the Andrea Doria” brings the entire tragedy to life. It is a well-written, exciting, and meticulously researched book – an important historical document! I heartily recommend this page-turner for one and all. You will become consumed by the stories.

— Riveting rescue at sea as told by survivor Simpson Laura Hipshire, a freelance writer from Michigan., 08/20/2006

Ms. Simpson’s first-hand account of the rescue is compelling and thought- provoking. Readers will enjoy reading this page-turning true story. A lot of thought, tears and research went into the writing of this top-caliber book. It’s a must read!

— Captain Sandy Kinghorn, reviewer for British Magazine “Ships Monthly”.

No mere review could do…[your wonderful book] justice as, after an amazing amount of research, you have surely got to the very essence of that dreadful night…Thank you for all your work, and making such an excellent book. I hope its sales do you proud!

— Mike Poirier, Titanic International.

Your wonderful book arrived and I am almost done. Sea classics was correct in saying it was the best book of the year and it really is a must for every one…

— Kay Trotman

I am just emailing you to let you know that I read it on the way back to California. I actually was so engrossed, I was upset when we landed because I only had two more chapters to read. I’ve finished it now, and I just had to tell you that it was a wonderful and emotional experience. The reunion itself was very moving, after speaking with many about their rescue and what they remembered of their traumatic experience, but the book put a spin on it that kept me riveted to the stories of more of the survivors that I didn’t meet. It is absolutely chilling what these survivors had to go through, as well as the captain and crew of the Andrea Doria. Captivating! I am so glad I was able to see the actual simulation so I know what actually did occur. Thank you for bringing that to us in such a clear and concise way. In thinking about it, it is obviously the greatest rescue at sea, and although I was young when it happened, I find that not a lot of people who I think should remember actually do.That’s why I am hoping that your book becomes a best seller, and brings to the attention of everyone what a great moment in history this really was, the great rescue efforts, and how brave the crew and passengers were. I wish you all the luck in the world. And I thank you for telling the story for all the survivors – it is a story that needed to be told. Thank you.

— Julianne McLean, Andrea Doria survivor

I’ve finished your MAGNUM OPUS, and it is a credit to you in every respect; beautifully written, remarkably researched and presented – lucid, completely understandable in your presentation of the facts AS THEY ARE!!, not as the Swedes would have it – those of us who were there recognize immediately the truth of your words, and the logic and ‘rightness’ of things as they happened.

— Father Richard J. Wojcik, Andrea Doria survivor

[The book] is worthy of the courage of all who cooperated in safely finishing their journeys. I wish you and your book the widest and most popular circulation.

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