What do authors ask of Santa? Four things are typically on our lists: good book sales, profitable speaking engagements, a movie deal, and awards for their labor of love.  

 Well, I am one lucky author! In the last two years, I enjoyed the first three. Fortunately, I now have bragging rights to the last one: This month, I received recognition for Alive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest Sea Rescue in History from the New England Book Festival. (Details below)

Santa has been good to me, admittedly with a smidgen of pity for my hard work. He knows that I’ve been working at least six days a week, mostly until bedtime, with only a couple of short vacations in the last 13 months. Being an author also requires a good amount of capital outlay. I’m not complaining though! Being my own boss, channeling uncontrolled creativity, setting my own priorities, and reaping the fruits from these actions are a dream come true. And I’m feeling very blessed. George Sand said:  

                                    “Happiness lies in the consciousness we have of it.”

I’m happy and I’m grateful for my happiness. That in itself is a great holiday gift.

Results  from the New England Book Festival.


WINNER: Sit Down Young Stranger – John Graham


·  John Adams: Our Second President – Sneed B. Collard III

·  I Was A Younger Brother (and other life-threatening experiences) – Daniel Burch Fiddler

·  Alive on the Andrea Doria – Pierette Domenica Simpson

·  Waiting For The Sunrise – Elizabeth Gatorano

·  Thin is the New Happy – Valerie Frankel

 For the complete list of winners in all categories, visit: http://www.newenglandbookfestival.com/winners2008.htm





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