Holiday Weekend: National Maritime Day, Memorial Day

Every year since 1933, the United States has proclaimed May 22 as National Maritime Day. The American steamship Savannah set sail for England from the United States on May 22, marking the first completed transatlantic crossing by a steam propulsion vessel. This mostly unknown holiday was created to encourage Americans to show their gratitude to the maritime industry and the many opportunities and advantages the maritime industry offers this country and her citizens, as well as to recognize ships and merchant mariners who have significantly contributed to this great nation’s vibrant history.


The risks involved in navigating the seas, even today, are high. If you know someone involved in the maritime industry, take a moment today to say “Thank you!” From me, to everyone involved in the maritime industry: Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and commitment. I admire your contributions to our nation’s continued success!

The other holiday I need to recognize is Memorial Day, May 25. Our service men and women work hard around the globe to ensure the safety and freedom of everyone in the United States. Every day, these brave souls willingly risk their lives for millions of people they will never meet. Please take a moment today to thank someone who has served in our military—a smile, a handshake, or a cup of coffee is a small price to pay for our freedom! To every man and woman who has served our great country through military service—by air, sea, or land—I salute you!

I would be remiss if I did not mention boat safety this Memorial Day weekend. This will be the first weekend in the water for many recreational boaters. Please practice safe boating. If you need a review of safety tips, please scroll down to read my blog entries from April 11 and April 13.


Enjoy National Maritime Day and the long Memorial Day weekend—and if you are on are near the water, please be safe!

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