I’m blessed with the opportunity to present my story to many special audiences: The Explorers Club of Manhattan, Ameriprise Financial event dinners, libraries, clubs, organizations, and even audiences in Italy. But the most recent one held special meaning to this author. Being invited as a keynote speaker to the largest body of librarians, the American Library Association, offered me the ultimate validation– that I have really made it in “academia”.

On Saturday, July 11, I addressed a branch of the ALA: ALTAFF (Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends, and Foundations). What a passionate group of people—and all there for the same purpose—to promote libraries! They all attended the national conference for sessions, speakers, advocacy, networking, etc.

The national spokesperson for ALTAFF is comedienne Paula Poundstone. It was a bonus to meet her in person. She did two comedy acts which were very funny and a perfect break from the flurry of serious conference activities. It was an honor to share my newly published audio book Alive in the Andrea Doria! with Ms. Poundstone, who claims to be an avid listener of this genre.

 One cool thing that I learned from attending the conference is that librarians are not the serious types that we think they are; they are really a blast! I look forward to mingling with them again at a future conference, or simply at local libraries.  Support your libraries too!

www.ala.org           http://www.folusa.org/altaff.php

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