The London Convention on Safety at Sea

The sources which carry information about the Andrea Doria-Stockholm collision never cease to amaze me.  This time it’s from a church bulletin called Foglio Notizie published in Italy. It not only honored the 53rd anniversary of the sea calamity that mentioned the blessings that resulted from it.

The London Convention of Safety at Sea in 1960 was the first official mandate after the 1956 Andrea Doria-Stockholm affair. The version adopted in 1960 (SOLAS 60) and activated in 1965 was the first major convention adopted by the International Maritime Organization, its first major impact on global maritime law. This development was a response to and a recognition of the increasing technological advances in the maritime industry.

Italy took the SOLAS 60 recommendations seriously when it built and launched its first passenger liner 46 months afterwards. The new ship which replaced the Andrea Doria as the flag ship of the Italian line was the Leonardo da Vinci. It was known for its scale, beauty, and technology

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. The new luxury liner filled in a great need for passenger space on the Atlantic, which had diminished with the loss of the Andrea Doria. It made its maiden voyage to New York in 1960.


NB. I have checked the Internet for the SOLAS 60 document, but to no avail. I will appreciate it if one of my readers sends me the link to it so that I can read it.

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