Déjà Vu over the Hudson

Seven months after the “miracle on the Hudson” with US Airways flight 1549, we are faced with a “tragedy over the Hudson.”  The collision between a Piper passenger plane and a Liberty tourist helicopter resulted in the death of nine people: three persons in the small plane and six in the copter.

One eyewitness described the scene 1100 feet above the river as a thunder-like noise, and then within three seconds everything disappeared from the sky.

Another eyewitness added, “It hit the water head-on — a big wave came up, and the plane was completely submerged,” she said. “I spent a good long time freaking out and crying.”

I’m particularly saddened to hear that the Liberty helicopter was on a sightseeing tour with five Italian passengers from Bologna. The Italian tourists — a woman, two men and two youths, according to the Italian Embassy — were traveling together in a group of about a dozen relatives and friends. Others in the group were taken to a Red Cross center on West 49th Street, where they received counseling

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When I read about the goodwill of the Red Cross, I recalled its kindness with many Andrea Doria survivors and their families. During challenging times, a silver lining is always in the midst; God bless the Red Cross.

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