The Disappearance of the Arctic Sea

Not long ago, the world was focused on piracy. Then there were worries centered on on North Korea’s transportation of arms and nuclear technology by sea, as well as potential conflicts over inspecting North Korean ships.

Who could have ever imagined the staging of a new scenario—one resembling the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle or the thrill of “The Hunt for Red October“. The high seas have become a ever-evolving cycle of dangers as evidenced by the disappearance of the Maltese- flagged Artic Sea.

 There is enough data (or missing data) to create another movie or suspense novel.  (Stephen King should take note!) It is said that truth is stronger than fiction

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. So what is the truth about the missing Russian-crewed cargo ship carrying 6500 times of timber from Finland to Algeria, that goes off the radar in the English Channel—one of the most highly trafficked and guarded maritime areas in the world?

Let’s ponder some of the possibilities: disappearance for insurance claims? Piracy for unknown substances? Accident? Or something unfathomable?

Regardless, the overall question to address is HOW CAN WE SECURE SAFETY FOR OUR MARITIME WORLD? Will it be through sophisticated satellite surveillance? Naval escorts? Maritime police forces? Obviously, something has to be done, not just for sea safety, but for commerce, cruising, and passager purposes.

Do you have any suggestions?

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