Follow-up: Air Crash on the Hudson River

Last night, I watched the Ed Show on MSNBC. I listened in amazement as Ed interviewed Senator Chuck Schumacher, Democrat of New York. The topic was the “Wild West” airspace 1000 feet above the Hudson River where there is no traffic control AND no plans for any in the future—neither for helicopters nor small planes!

 If you recall, New York City’s summer tourism was tarnished by a tragic, yet avoidable, air crash between a helicopter and a small plane. All of the passengers in both crafts died. Senator Schumacher made the point of how dangerous that air space is, badly in need of traffic control.

Does it take a rocket scientist to figure out something must be done?

Why is Mayor Bloomberg in denial (or overtly irresponsible) about taking action. Even immediately after the air collision he vehemently stated he had no plans to create air space  regulations  with 1,000 feet over the Hudson.

 I wonder how the families of the fatalities were thinking when they heard that. Nowhere in Europe is such lack of regulated air space allowed. Several of the fatalities were vacationing here from Italy. I remember the words of a woman from Bologna who had just lost her husband: “How can these kinds of things happen?”

Perhaps Mayor Bloomberg has the answer: safety on the budget vs. investment in safety. My question is “what is the cost of life?” Only a lawsuit will tell!

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