A Maiden Voyage on the Queen Mary II

My friend and colleague, Bill Garzke, called me to share his excitement: on September 8 he is taking his maiden voyage on the Queen Mary II.  Even though Bill works as a naval architect every day, he seems to feel the excitement of a young man (he’s in his 70s) going to sea.

On September 17, Bill will co-present with Australian diver Kevin Denlay a report on the Prince of Wales. He told me that Denlay has done several dives to the wreck, which lies between 132-230 feet below the surface off the coast of Malaysia.  Bill explained that pilots are able to see the up side down wreck as they fly overhead since the water is so clear. The illustrious presentation will take place at London’s Lloyd’s Register for the joint Institute of Marine Engineers Science and Technology, and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

Since Bill is the chairman of the Marine forensics panel for SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers) and consultant to James Cameron on the Titanic and Bismarck shipwrecks he’s well-qualified as special guest on September 17.

At 70-plus years, Bill is an inspiration for his insatiable desire to learn and share with humanity. My friend and I collaborate by giving presentations at naval colleges/academies about our technical report, “The Loss of the Andrea Doria.” We have taught each other much information from this collaboration. Bill is especially thankful that I can share the human element with him, and also that I want to understand the scientific aspects of the Andrea Doria-Stockholm collision.  I’m very grateful for Bill’s technical explanations of the event.

I wish my friend much luck on his presentation and a ‘bon voyage’ on the Queen Mary II!


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