Historic New Audio Book Released!

I’m proud to announce my first audio book, based on my award-winning book, Alive in the Andrea Doria. It was a labor of love, with many challenges, but I hope you’ll find the results worthwhile.

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Pierette Domenica Simpson, author and survivor


This lightly abridged version by the same title as the book includes the same survivor accounts about history’s most calamitous collision at sea. It also includes a detailed explanation of the collision, rescue, sinking, and diving of the wreck.

Author/survivor, Pierette Domenica Simpson, was nine years old and immigrating to the New World with her grandparents during the doomed voyage of the Italian luxury liner. Alive on the Andrea Doria captures the essence of the human spirit, and its ability to muster strength in the face of adversity.

The listener will prepare for the movie version of this award-winning book by listening to the author’s personal journey, along with five other survivor’s voices:

  • MIKE STOLLER: the young man survives a night of several death-defying encounters to become one history’s most legendary songwriters. He recently co-authored his autobiography, How Dog, with partner Jerry Leiber.
  • SISTER ANGELITA MYERSCOUGH: a young woman exemplifies the clergy’s willingness to sacrifice one’s safety while serving humanity. 
  • GERMINA D’ONOFRIO: a teenager becomes the courageous rescuer of her chaperon.
  • JEROME REINERT: a college graduate traveling in First Class exceeds all expectations of survival by rescuing eleven children while threatening his own safety.
  • MADGE YOUNG: the 14-year-old daughter of the president of the American Bureau of Shipping believes the event is no more dangerous than a routine drill, while her parents shelter her from the looming consequences.

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