Feedback Regarding My WGN Television Interview

Wow! I didn’t expect to get such a great review from an expert media person whose career involves media training.  Thank you,   Shawne Duperon!


Author Pierette Simpson Lands a Coup on WGN Atlanta


Author Pierette Simpson recently took my training and then here she is on WGN in Atlanta with a 5-minute story. Wow!

She did so much right! There was a constant flow between her and the reporter. She was easy to be with and she completely danced in the reporter questions.

Her sound bites and storytelling were compelling.

Great job!

The only thing to look out for? Don’t look in camera. At the beginning of the story she is looking directly in camera and she needs to be looking at the reporter.

Check her out here as she shares her Andrea Doria Survivor Account:, 0,1195878.story

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