New Counter-Piracy Guidelines  reports that the Australian government has come out with new guidelines outlining measures shipping operators and seafarers should take in order to detect, deter and prevent piracy and robbery at sea

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The guidelines recommend:
Masters should prepare anti-piracy training practices and procedures that ensure that the ship’s crew have a good working knowledge and understanding of the basic security measures and requirements for preventing or delaying unauthorized access to the ship whilst at sea, at anchor or alongside a port berth.
Masters should prepare an emergency communication plan, to include all essential emergency contact numbers and pre-prepared messages.  Such communication plans should be readily at hand or permanently displayed near the communications console on the ships bridge for instant reference in any piracy or robbery at sea related incident.
It would behoove other governments to come up with guidelines and training for their captains.  These are simple, economical, logical, and sensible recommendations.  I am anxious to see more of the like  by every nation who participates in maritime global trade. Afterall, piracy is a nasty plight affecting our global economy.

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