Somali Piracy and The Chandlers

As reported in The, a British couple taken hostage on their yacht a couple of months ago are praying for the British government to have them released by Christmas time.

The explained: “Somali pirates do not normally harm their hostages but this case appears to be more complicated. In commercial piracy, the gangs deal with insurance firms or shipping companies which would eventually pay a ransom.

However, the Chandlers, who are both retired, had sold their house in Britain to go sailing and have no money.”

The situation appears dismal;  the Chandlers do not have wealthy insurance companies to pay millions in ransom.  It also appears that the British government is not willing to compromise with pirates.

As cold-hearted as it might seem, perhaps the only solution is to make it illegal for insurance companies to spend clients’ premiums on huge ransoms to thugs.

It’s a bold act on the part of the British government. I just pray that the Chandlers are not sacrificed in the process.

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