“Cruise Inc: Big Money on the High Seas” with Peter Greenberg

The cruising industry is the fasted growing segment in the travel industry. It provides meals, activities and multiple travel locations. Cruising has become popular with all age groups.

Peter Greenberg is an authority on cruising. Tonight on CNBC he narrated “Cruise Inc., Big Money on the High Seas”. The focus was on the Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) owned by the parent company Star Line.

 Here are some interesting safety facts brought to light, along with my comments:

  • NCL has 11,000 cameras on their ships, sharing every public space. Recently, it caught footage of a woman who fell overboard into the Gulf of Mexico. Since she was alone in her cabin, the footage showed there was no foul play. Great to hear!
  • Cruise lines are not requested to report all crimes. Personally I think this is appalling!
  • Lifeboats are lowered weekly. Fantastic preventative measure.
  • Fire drills are held regularly with the staff and are taken very seriously; it’s the number one threat of a large vessel; the Norwegian purl, weighs 93,000 times and holds 2200 passengers.
  • Another big threat is the norovirus. When one is reported on board, the ship is sterilized three times a week. This is really reassuring!

Mr. Greenberg ended the segment by highlighting a great benefit to the budget traveler: due to the economic crisis cruise lines are slashing their prices. For more authoritative information on cruising, visit Peter Greenberg’s site: http://www.petergreenberg.com/

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