SOS: Safety on Our Seas Must Prevail in 2010!


These were my Google News Alert Sea Piracy headlines for December 30, 2010.


Somali Pirates Attack Kuwaiti Oil Tanker

Infamous Chinese pirates launch Ubuntu that looks just like Windows XP
UK Flagged MV St. James Park Pirated in Gulf of Aden
World in Brief, Dec. 29, 2009
India and Japan: Strategic convergence
Shipping cargo to US, Europe to become costlier from January  

Although there have been fewer human casualties in 2009, there has been an increase of incidents.

Alarming, costly, dangerous, and despicable; these words describe my sentiments about this international piracy problem. Is there a silver lining? Will it be our oceans that unite continents toward economic, and even personal survival? Let us all become part of the solution.While we ponder our existence, I take this opportunity to wish every creature on this planet a safe, healthy, prosperous and enlightening 2010.
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