A Chance to Win a Copy of Alive on the Andrea Doria

Lucky Draw Shipwreck Survivor Quiz

Every month, two lucky people will will be entered in a drawing for a FREE autographed copy of Alive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest Sea Rescue in History.

Submit the answers to this month’s LUCKY DRAW quiz at www.PieretteSimpson.com; click on “Special Offer and Complimentary Copy”. Then fill out the required information in order to receive a response and your book. Enter the number of the survivor from the following list next to the name of the shipwreck that they survived in the form below.

Survivor List

  1. Sun Yat Sen
  2. Millvina Dean
  3. Ruth Roman
  4. Heinrich Kunht
  5. Oliver Hazard Perry
  6. Nick Schuyler
  7. Captain Ernest M. McSorley
  8. Fanny Jane Moorecroft
  9. John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  10. Admiral D.B.H Wildish
Andrea Doria
Edmund Fitzgerald
PT 109
Pekingese Dog on the Titanic
Prince of Wales
fishing boat

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