Receiving a Testimonial

It’s always pleasant to receive a testimonial. This one is from my neighbor Marge who is an avid listener of audio books. In fact, I may not recognize her without her ear plugs on; she is a familiar sight in the neighborhood as she walks her dog and listens to her audio books daily.
Obviously, I was interested to know how my audio CD book of Alive on the Andrea Doria compares to others. This is what Marge wrote:
“The CD was a delight to listen to. I felt transported back in time onto the Andrea Doria. Pierette Simpson’s use of actual survivor voices made the stories more believable than reading them in print. I especially enjoyed the author’s replication of her childhood voice, and that of her grandmother’s in broken English, complete with an Italian accent. It authenticated the journey back to the past.”
I would love to hear what you think of my audio CD book. It includes six CDs and it is a lightly abridged version of my print block. I’m honored to include the voices of five other survivors; one is legendary songwriter Mike Stoller, who wrote for Elvis Presley.
The audio CD book of Alive on the Andrea Doria is available on, through booksellers, and on my website.

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