How to prevent or recover from the norovirus on cruise ships

In light of the current outbreak of the norovirus onboard the Celebrity Mercury, here are some considerations:

  • Pack extra soap, a supply of Lysol, alcohol-based sanitizers like Purell and a bottle of Pepto-Bismol, just in case.
  • Wash up every time you eat, smoke, touch your face, use the bathroom or just have dirty hands.
  • Avoid uncooked food as much as possible, stick to bottled water and don’t share drinking glasses and eating utensils.
  • Limit physical contact with other passengers.
  • If you do get sick on the cruise, visit the ship’s doctor and drink plenty of water as dehydration is a common side-effect.
  • Remain quarantined in your cabin to prevent spreading the illness to others.
  • Use hand-sanitizers located throughout the ship.
  • Be a patient patient: expect to wait three or more days before symptoms subside—and another couple of days before you recover.

 Although not health-related, this will perk you up: expect to get some reimbursement or gift certificate toward another trip. 

 Do you have any other suggestions?

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