The Decay of the Andrea Doria: revelations and analysis

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of reviewing a very revealing scientific paper titled “The Decay of the Andrea Doria”. The authors are naval architect Philip Sims, and deep-sea divers John Moyer and Steven Gatto.

Sims is employed by the Naval Sea Systems Command.  Moyer has the salvage rights to the wreck, owns Moyer Expeditions, LLC and is a member of the Atlantic Wreck Divers. Gatto is a member of the Atlantic Wreck Divers and is a US Coast Guard Licensed Master.

“The Decay of the Andrea Doria” is a very comprehensive study demonstrating an in-depth, first-hand experience on the topic. The three authors’ numerous dives (over 600) have netted extensive documentation, including journals, artifacts, photographs, and video footage.

The scientific study explains in detail not only the decay, but the dangers of diving “the Mount Everest of the deep”. The Andrea Doria shipwreck is lying on her star portside in 250 feet deep water, 50 miles south of Nantucket. The authors state that “Since her beam is 90 feet, and the down side has penetrated the mud to some degree, or upper side at the Promenade deck was originally at 168 feet below the surface.” The decks are now deeper than they used to be as the hull is pressing deeper into the ocean floor and the decks are flattening from decay.

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