Interview with Marine Engineer About the Safety of Cruising

1. How often do you take cruises?

About every 2 or 3 years.

 2. Has piracy influenced your decisions to take a cruise?

No. It was not an issue at the time of my last cruise and it is not now. I would not take a cruise passing the coast of Somalia.

 3. What are your concerns?

I would be concerned about taking a cruise where there has been any piracy activities in the past.

 4. What solutions do you offer to address these concerns?

I believe that governments should work together to capture and punish pirates. There should be infiltrating teams to search out these groups and arrest them as kidnappers with life sentancing.

 5. Do your employment/and or hobbies require you to travel on water?

Yes. As a marine consultant I periodically ride ships for survey and analyses. I also travel to foreign countries where crime and kidnapping occur regularly. I do not feel as comfortable with foreign travel now a days as I had in the past when the United States strongly protected its citizens abroad. I believe that we must keep a strong military force as well as economic force influence throughout the world if we are to maintain a high quality of life at home.

American citizens should be better informed of the way other countries respond to our influences. We should also be made aware of the needs, goals and responsibilities to ourselves in order to compete in the future.

Paul H.

Member of  The Society of Marine Port Engineers of New York

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