You’re wondering what this post celebrating summer has to do with saving our seas, right?

After reading the narrative below and watching Louis Armstrong sing “It’s a Wonderful World” –one more time, I asked myself: would the jazz man from New Orleans still think it’s a wonderful world after two recent disasters in his beloved state? The breaking of the levies during Katrina , and now the rupture of BP’s oil pipe have broken many spirits along with many livelihoods. Will the people of the Gulf be able to sing once again “It’s a Wonderful World”? I hope they do, sooner rather than later, assuming we ALL make a commitment to save our seas. We will be able to do this once we are truly GRATEFULL for our beautiful and plentiful seas.


“Sun-drenched days and starlit nights.


 A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and the birds are singing.

  I AM SO GRATEFUL for the lazy, hazy days of summer.

 The click of croquet balls rebound across manicured turf,

The cool tingle of a root beer floot satisfies a deep thirst,

Straw bonnets tug against their ribbons on a breezy day,

And barbershop quartets harmonize in the good old summertime.

 I AM SO GRATEFUL for relaxing under an oak tree.

 A bird’s sweet song murmurs in my ears,

Children’s laughter drifts through the air,

Before dozing off for an afternoon siesta

I think to myself, “It’s a wonderful world.”



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