Drilling for oil on the Tahiti Spar

I just received an e-mail from a new friend in Louisiana. Mark is the proud owner of two Andrea Doria lifeboats, which he plans to house in a museum. But first he plans to restore them. Mark has a fascinating job as a deep sea diver and explorer. The Gulf oil spill resulting from BP’s negligence is creating jobs in other sectors. Here is Mark’s email regarding his service on our seas.

Dear Pierette,

 I’m still at sea. We thought the oil spill would slow things down, however,  it has had the opposite effect. Lots of work. Attached is a photo of the WASP suit good to a depth of 2300′. We just completed work on the Tahiti Spar. Too bad it wasn’t on the Island.

I researched the Tahiti Spar on http://www.offshore-technology.com/projects/tahiti/.

“Tahiti is located in the deepwater US Gulf of Mexico, approximately 190 miles (306km) south of New Orleans. It lies in Green Canyon blocks 596, 597, 640 and 641, in a water depth of approximately 4,200ft (1,280m). The field is operated by Chevron, which owns a 58% working interest, on behalf of Statoil (25%) and Total(17%).

The Phase-I development cost $2.7bn to Chevron. Crude oil production from the field began on 5 May 2009, with an estimated daily production of about 125,000 barrels of crude oil and 70 million ft³of natural gas by the end of 2009.


For a picture of the WASP suit, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_diving_suit

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