Women Divers of the Andrea Doria

I have added a couple of comment notes. if you have dived the Doria email the info to captainswb@gmail.com

Number 1 first woman diver, Evelyn Dudas 1967 First woman to dive from Viking Star Ship, dive boat R/V Wahoo &  Seeker. Member “Woman’s Diver Hall Fame “

2-Janet Bieser 1981 July Wahoo second woman, and the youngest woman, member “Woman’s Diver Hall Fame ” The only woman Captain to operate expeditions to the Doria as the Master of the  vessel.

Gary Gentiles book is incorrect showing Elga Anderson as the second woman read below.

3-Sally Wahrmann 1982 July dive boat R/V Wahoo stopped with 55 logged dives “Woman’s Diver Hall Fame member” worked as crew and cook for 7 years

4-Elga Anderson 1981 August Sea Level II, wife of Peter Gimbel  visited the wreck from viewing the wreck from the Sea Level II diving bell   Elga, was the Doria 81  co-expedition leader and The third woman to dive to the wreck she never actually reached the wreck  Elga,  only went to the depth of the diving bell 150 fsw, the dive was  a hand held by Jack McKinney. Jack McKinney secured a down line from descending the yellow mooring line left by the dive boat R/V  Wahoo at the first class loading doors.

5- Eva Longobardi dive boat R/V Wahoo 1983 more dives in 1989 from a  Rhode Island boat with Billy  Campbell  photographer.

6-Cathy Cush dive boat R/V Wahoo, dive newspapers and magazine writer

7-Ceil Connelly 1985 dive boat R/V  Wahoo “Woman’s Diver Hall Fame member” PASSED first dive she was 60 years old.

8- Kathy Warehouse dive boat Sea Hunter

9- Molly Troutman 1985 dive boat R/V Wahoo

10- Christine Nargi dive boat R/V Wahoo

Source: Captain Steve Bielenda, http://www.wahoo.org/Woman%20Doria%20divers.htm

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