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Award Winning Publications in print and audio CD:

Alive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest Sea Rescue in History is available in print, audio CD, and in Italian. The latter may be obtained from the author only.

You may order your copies directly from Pierette’s store:
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Alive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest Sea Rescue in History
By Pierette Domenica Simpson
On July 25, 1956, the catastrophic ramming of the Stockholm into Italy’s crown jewel, the luxury liner Andrea Doria, sent shock waves around the world. Eyewitness survivor, Piera Domenica Burzio, exposes the mysterious and controversial calamity that occurred while trying to reach the New World to meet her mother.

The author/survivor sensitively and scientifically recreates the details of her shipwreck—which could have been another Titanic. Thanks to the vivid survivor recollections and previously unveiled scientific data from Italy and the U.S., the author becomes the first shipwreck survivor in history to write a complete account of her ship’s demise. The result is a definitive scientific conclusion that debunks all previous theories.

I believe that her book, Alive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest Sea Recue in History belongs on the shelves of every library – public, academic, and high school. — Sally Garner Reed, Executive Director ALTAFF, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Finally, a riveting first-hand account of the sinking of the Andrea Doria. Pierette Simpson’s heartfelt, engaging prose and her insight make the reader marvel at the depth of her research and her knack for expressing human emotion with the written word. A real pleasure to read!” —Kevin McMurray: diver, New York Times journalist, author of Dark Descent and Deep Descent

“Befitting the fiftieth anniversary of the collision, this book details with
irrefutable scientific evidence what caused the tragedy, challenging all
previous theories. This thrilling tale of survival and intrigue follows the
unjust fate of Captain Calamai so that we realize how the twisted bow
of the damaged Stockholm symbolizes the twist of fate that befell Calamai
and the Italian maritime industry. Alive on the Andrea Doria! will set the
historical record straight at last. —Germaine Strobel, Andrea Doria survivor

Praise for the Audio CD Book:
Pierette’s poignant narration of a nine-year-old girl surviving a catastrophe is even more compelling than reading her words on the pages of her book– and that’s saying a lot! Her expressive voice invokes vivid memories of my personal experience on that terrible night. I’m honored to be included in her books.
—Mike Stoller, of Leiber & Stoller, legendary songwriters, co-author of the book, Hound Dog

I have listened to the audio book with great admiration. It is very difficult for a survivor of a ship sinking to recount that experience later in life—whether in the printed word or orally. Pierette is to be congratulated for recounting not only her experience but, extraordinarily, that of other survivors. The listener is treated to words done in the native tongue of the survivor

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. Having been a language teacher has greatly assisted the author in this endeavor; we are treated to the Andrea Doria and Ile de France pronounced correctly in their native tongue. Emotions of the individuals are also captured and clearly felt. Pierette Simpson has created a masterpiece in recounting a tragic episode in history.—William Garzke, national chairman, marine forensics panel, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

The CD was a delight to listen to. I felt transported back in time onto the Andrea Doria. Pierette Simpson’s use of actual survivor voices made the stories more believable than reading them in print. I especially enjoyed the author’s replication of her childhood voice, and that of her grandmother’s in broken English, complete with an Italian accent. It authenticated the journey back to the past.—Marjorie Nanian, attorney and assistant professor of political science, Schoolcraft College, MI

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