People still love books

People still love books!
Just saw these quotes yesterday. They reveal how much people still love reading books:

“It is hard to come up with Christmas gifts for people who already seem to have everything. Books can be good gifts for such people.” – Thomas Sowell, economist and political commentator

John’s comment: Books do make great gifts. No matter how strange the people are you want to give presents to, there will be at least one book – and more likely hundreds of books – that would suit them to a tee.

“I always have about 10 books at home and in the office I am working on. I love to read and I still love curling up with a book, but I hope someone gives me an iPad or Kindle for Christmas so I can have my books everywhere.” – Martha Zoller, radio talk show host

John’s comment: Note how book lovers (and buyers) are voting with their hands and eyes for ebooks as well as printed books. Make sure you have your books available in both formats.

In a recent issue of Redbook magazine, actress Lauren Graham was photographed sitting on the floor of one of her favorite bookstores, Hennessey + Ingalls in Hollywood. She’s been going there since she was a child. As she noted, “There was eating, sleeping – and then there was reading. It was the one thing I could do in the day that was totally gratifying. I still have a bunch of my childhood books. I don’t understand a house that doesn’t have books.”

John’s comment: I don’t understand a house without books either. In fact, I love to walk into a house that has walls and walls of books. Makes me feel absolutely at home.

Excerpt from John Kremer’s Bookmarketing Newsletter

Note to my readers: Thank you for having chosen Alive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest Sea Rescue in History in the past. Please keep the book and audio CD book in mind for Christmas gift-giving.

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