German musical features Andrea Doria song

What interesting news from across the Atlantic from fellow survivor Klaus Doreich  and his wife Hilly. Why an interest in the  Andrea Doria in Germany?  The Andrea Doria carried many German passengers,   including those on the last fateful night.

Dear Pierette: Last night in Berlin was the premiere of the new German Musical “Beyond the horizon”. It is all about the love story of Rocker Star Udo Lindenberg (64) who lost his girl when The Wall went up in the divided city (and found her again 30 years later). In 26 of his political songs – among them the ANDREA DORIA hit from the Seventies – life in the West and in the (communist) East were musically presented. Reaction was mixed: Westerners liked the music a lot while people from the East felt far more – they were deeply moved by scenes that they had to endure for so long under the regime. Thought you would like to know about it. Tanti auguri from Stuttgart, Klaus and Hilly.

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