Squeeze on the Suez Canal

Simon Rose Interview on Shipping Through Suez Canal

There is   much concern  about the shipping of oil  and other petroleum products on this  body of water  during the  precarious  situation in Cairo.  Although 1 million people have walked  the streets in protest of the current government, their impact on shipping is not considered  a huge overall threat.  Even though  transportation on the canal is now blocked, the amount of crude and petroleum products affected  is only 700,000 to 1,000,000 barrels per day.  When comparing this number to the 20 million per day shipped throughout the Middle East,  it puts things in perspective,  making  the situation seem less  perilous.  A chief executive of the  shipping trade in the area,   gives us the details  in the link above.
On a personal note,  I was shaken today when I read a message from dear friends  who are performing opera in Cairo.   They were blocked inside the airport as military personnel and tanks   were guarding  the strategic venue,  while flights were delayed or canceled.  Fortunately,  they were able to  find a flight to Athens Greece,  where they are scheduled to perform another recital.
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