Iron-Eating Bug Is Gobbling Up the Titanic

My friend, Bill Garzke, a highly respected naval architect and author of

Titanic Ships, Titanic Disasters informed me of this new bacterium which will reduce the ” largest mobile object of its time” to a rust stain by 2030. Details  in this news report:

This news made me wonder if  a new bacterium will be attacking the Andrea Doria shipwreck  which is a much shallower water (250 feet  compared to 2 1/2 miles for the Titanic). This definitely  emphasizes the importance  of continuous study of my  beloved Doria.  I hope that scientists will continue  to film, photograph,  and collect scientific data;   the conclusions will  provide beneficial  information   as we  reckon with our environment. For  instance,  scientists now believe  that H. Titanicae  will provide a vehicle to  naturally disintegrate old warships and other shipwrecks.
Hearing about this new bacterium  creates a personal sense of urgency  to visit my  shipwreck.  When I spoke with James Cameron two years ago,   he concurred on the importance of going out  to the site.  e offered to let me  operate his ROV Ellwood  from the surface,  while  it photographs  the entrails of the wreck.  I must  transmit this sense of urgency to the  filmmaker,   scientist, shipwreck diver and expert.  Perhaps  in the summer of 2011,  this dream will be realized!

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