I have been promoted…

…to being a member of the steering committee for planning the  first International Marine Forensics Symposium in DC  next spring.  I feel honored to be working with some of the nation’s top  naval architects, and marine engineers, and  researchers.   Additionally,  I will be  present a technical paper written with William Garzke  the national chairman for the marine forensic  panel of SNAME. I received this note  from my friend Bill Garzke:


First, I want to thank you for your efforts on Wednesday, 2 March…Believe me, that those partaking in this conference on Wednesday asked me who is that lady? I explained that she is a survivor of Andrea Doria who has written an excellent book on her experiences and in her realm of the a former teacher of 37 years is helping Sean on the student-day activities. Only I know of the post sinking experiences that you and your family went through and still are! I am very impressed with the effort that you have taken in promoting our Symposium and you have earned the recognition of being a member of the Steering Committee. Consider that done as of now! In you contacting information you can use that to describe your efforts in the promotions involved.

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