Japan struggles to survive ocean attack

As if the earthquake  didn’t create enough damage, the ocean  leashed its fury with a historic tsunami on the island of Japan.  When I first saw the swells of 23-30 foot  waves  assaulting the  coastline, I thought  that being on a boat would have  been the only  exit from  doom.  But watching this video made me realize that boats in this  tsunami acted like toy boats in the hands of crazed  ” navigators”.

The people who  once lived  along the coastline  used to enjoy prosperity:  fishing,  boating,  beautiful sunsets,  and all of the pleasures offered by nature. And now,  they have been engulfed by fear,  poverty,  and death by the thousands.

Will mankind ever be able to change the destiny of those who are affected by earthquakes and tsunamis?  It is even too early to ask the question;  after all,  those affected are struggling without electricity, food,  telephones,  or any communications to the outside world.  Their main question is:  what is happening to us now?

The entire Japanese nation is also at the mercy of a  nuclear attack– its own– as nuclear plants  are under the threat of a meltdown.  Who will be affected   by unleashed radiation:  Japan,  Hawaii,  Europe,  Asia,  all of the  Americas?   We all wait,  hoping and praying for the Japanese people and indeed for all of us.  if there’s any lesson learned from this tragedy,  it is that  even the second most prosperous nation in the world is in need of assistance from the international community.   We also are reminded that we are all interconnected– for better or for worse.

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