Songs about the Andrea Doria and Edmund Fitzgerald

Andrea Doria

“All is clear on the Andrea Doria”

Song by Udo Lindenberg in 1974 “Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria?”

Apparently, his song and drawings became so popular in Germany that German Mail (Deutsche Post) issued a stamp in his honor in July 2010.

Andrea Doria
Music by Riz Ortolani. Released by Cam MAG 10.024 (1969)
Soundtrack to the documentary Andrea Doria ’74 directed by Bruno Vailati
Availability Unknown

L’oceano la guardava
1:25  the ocean was looking at her
Incontri sul ponte
2:10   encounters  on the bridge
Nel profondo degli abissi
3:20   in the depths of the abyss
Non portarmi cosi’ lontano
2:37    don’t bring me so far away
Caccia al pescecane
3:58    fishing for sharks
Le mie sere piu’ belle
3:14     my most beautiful evenings
Ci vediamo al bar
1:50     will meet at the bar
Un’onda nel ricordo
2:37     a wave of memory
In fondo al tuo mare
3:58     at the bottom of your ocean
L’oceano la guardava
1:25      the ocean was looking at her

The Edmund Fitzgerald

“The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

by Gordon Lightfoot

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