International Marine Forensics Symposium: call for papers

The symposium, scheduled for April 3-5 of 2012  in Washington DC is looking for scientific papers on the following topics  that  are not yet  assigned:

Historical shipwrecks  ?  merchant/commercial ships

Andrea Doria (Pierette Simpson and Bill Garzke)

Titanic Hull Failure Analysis           (Roy Mengot and Richard Woytowich)

Titanic Rivet Analysis                        (Jennifer Hooper-McCarty)

Lusitania (2011 expedition update) (Gregg Bemis and Bill Garzke)

Derbyshire (TBD)

Alaska Spirit fish factory ship                        (TBD)

Estonia (Gregg Bemis and Bill Garzke)

Edmund Fitzgerald (Sean Kery, George Edwards, Ben Fisher)

Ehime Maru (collision with USS Greenville (SSN-772))

Ethan Allen (???) (Haines, Miller, D’Angelo)

Historical shipwrecks  ?  naval ships

HMS Prince of Wales (Bob Dulin, Bill Garzke, and Kevin Denlay)

USS Monitor (Sean Kery, Torgier Vada, John Broadwater)

USS Maine (Otto Jons)

HMAS Sydney (David L. Mearns)

DKM Bismarck

Korean frigate ROKS Cheonan

CSS Hunley

USS Thresher (SSN-593)

USS Squalus (SS-192)

USS Scorpion (1812 and (SSN-589))

Historical shipwrecks  ?  pirates / privateers)

Morgan’s pirate ships off Panama                    (Prof

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Maritime and Natural Disasters

Katrina                                                                   (Charles Cushing and James Wilkins)

Gulf Oil Spill                                                        (Don Winter and RDML Eccles)

2010 Japanese hurricane/tsunami/nuclear factory disaster

Other modern Tsunami incidents

Diving and ROV Technology  (David Berry and Drew Michel action)

Robotic Vehicle Technology                           (David Heinz, MG, USMC (Ret.))

Autonomous Vehicle Technology                  (Dave Grant)

Multi-Beam Sonar Technology                      (Scott Bentley)

Working the Brazil Deep                                (Ms. Marie Charles)

Diver Localization … Seafloor Mapping        (Matt Burdyny)

Training Course in Principles for Marine Investigation

One and a half hours duration                         (Charles Cushing)

Marine Forensics – Marine Archeology

Human Remains Recovery  — Flight 800 and SWISSAIR

(CAPT Chip McCord, USN)

Anthropology                                                 (Dr. John O’Shea)

Human Factors                                               (Brian Emond)

Titanic Witness Testimony Evaluation          (Prof. Richard Woytowich)

Proposed 2010 NAVSEA Forensics Symposium

(TBD – Mike Osbourne)

Titanic Bow Sinking Experiments (December 1998)

(Carey Filing, Tom Waters, and Roger Schaeffer)

Pearl Harbor Research of Japanese Midget Submarines

(Peter Hsu)

Criminal Cases Involving Marine Forensic Investigations



To submit  technical papers,  please go to the symposium website:


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