A Titanic Question from Germany

“Thank you for the May Issue of your AD Newsletter from Novi. I am glad that my South African correspondence found your interest. Here comes another message that might interest your Titanic readers as well. The other day we went to the Bruchsal Barock Castle near Karlsruhe/Germany to visit a special Exposition of Automatic Music Instruments. Among ca. 100 pieces from the last two hundred years, there was a big Automatic Organ from 1912 belonging to the “Titanic”. The catalogue said, it was originally ordered by Messrs. Harland & Wolff who had built the ship, but was allegedly delivered too late and could not be installed in time for departure! I had never heard about it though and wonder if this was really true. Could you or your readers say something about it? I thought it would interest you too. Regards from Stuttgart, Klaus and Hilly.”

Readers:  would you please  let us know what you know?  Thank you!

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