A challenging Titanic question

A message from Stuttgart,


“The other day we went to the Bruchsal Barock Castle near Karlsruhe/Germany to visit a special Exposition of Automatic Music Instruments. Among ca. 100 pieces from the last two hundred years, there was a big Automatic Organ from 1912 belonging to the “Titanic”. The catalogue said, it was originally ordered by Messrs. Harland & Wolff who had built the ship, but was allegedly delivered too late and could not be installed in time for departure! I had never heard about it though and wonder if this was really true. Could you or your readers say something about it? I thought it would interest you too. Regards from Stuttgart, Klaus and Hilly.”

I would like to be able to answer this question for my fellow Andrea Doria survivor, Klaus Dorneich.  Can anyone  contribute information?

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