Titanic Question Answered?

I just received this reply from the persons who asked the question regarding the authenticity of the alleged Titanic organ.

Hi, Pierette! I already have a facebook note from the “lostliners.de” people in Hamburg. Thorsten Totzke commented on the Bruchsal Organ, allegedly ex Titanic

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. He thinks (inspite of the flyer) the whole thing is a fraud by the Museum as there is no substantial evidence to prove that the organ was originally built for the Titanic in 1912!  Here his commentary: ” The “Titanic Electric Organ” in Bruchsal is an  Electric Organ built by “Welte & Söhne” at Freiburg, Germany. This Firm was very popular at the time. However, there are no facts like documents or otherevidence  known at the moment that an  Electric Organ was ordered for the Titanic. It only  exists an drawing from the Britannic which shows an Electric Organ on board, but that is just a drawing. The Firm “Welte & Söhne” was destroyed during World War II and there are no more existing documents from them. The only existing hint is a drawing for the Britannic which shows an Electric Organ, which was much  bigger than the Organ at Bruchsal. So there is no evidence so far  that the Titanic should receive  an Electric Organ (her older Sister Olympic had no one…)  But it is easy….”Titanic Sells” and a Electric Organ” which was built for the Titanic” brings many more Visitors. An Electric Organ which was build around 1912 brings, of course,  not so many visitors…. so  when I  were the owner and  I want to make some money… I  would perhaps also say “this was build for the Titanic !”
Please keep me posted of any further development. Next week we will travel  with friends to the Piemont in Italy – I will deliver greetings from you to your birthland.! Ciao and auguri, Klaus and Hilly, Stuttgart, Germany

N.B. Klaus Dorneich survived the Andrea Doria with me and my family.


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