Michigan Author-Shipwreck Survivor Will Join James Cameron as Speaker for Shipwreck Symposium in DC

Novi, Michigan, May27, 2011— The country’s leading marine forensics scientists, including renowned film director James Cameron, are converging in Washington DC, April 3-5, 2012.   Michigan author and Andrea Doria shipwreck survivor, Pierette Domenica Simpson, has been invited to contribute her expertise on the Andrea Doria, along with notable scientists of other shipwrecks.

The co-chair for the prestigious event, William Garzke, is Mr. Cameron’s main consultant on the Titanic and Bismarck wrecks.  He personally invited Ms. Simpson to be a symposium presenter due to her extensive research published in her book Alive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest C. Rescue in History and technical paper, “A Marine Forensics Analysis: The Loss of the Andrea Doria.”

Mr. Garzke, who heads the marine forensics panel for the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers explains, “Ms. Simpson’s work is to be commended for her forensics work.  Although she is not a marine scientist, she has painstakingly researched her shipwreck by interviewing scientists in the US and Italy.  Her contributions, not only as an author, but also as an eyewitness survivor are very important to our field.  Ms. Simpson and I look forward to revealing new information about the Andrea Doria—facts that have never been published.”

Mr. Garzke proudly adds, “The first International Marine Forensics Symposium is honored to have Mr. Cameron as keynote speaker.  His underwater exploration, inventions, and publications have contributed greatly to marine forensic science—something that the public is not aware of. We are very happy that he accepted our invitation for an event just a couple of days before the release of his movie Titanic in 3-D version!”

2012 will be a year commemorating many historic shipwrecks including:

DKM Bismarck and HMS Hood (70 years), RMS Titanic (100 years), USS Monitor, Civil War Ironclad (150 years) and USS Scorpion (200 years)

More on new and historic shipwrecks is available on the symposium’s official website: http://www.sname.org/SNAME/Forensics2012/Home/Default.aspx.

Marine forensics publications may be obtained on http://www.sname.org/SNAME/SNAME/Publications/Books/Default.aspx


For further information:

Pierette Domenica Simpson, www.pierettesimpson.com


248-349- 8557

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