Honoring my grandparents on the 55th anniversary of the Andrea Doria- Stockholm tragedy

” Do you relive the whole experience each year on this day?” a dear friend asked me,  referring to the 55th anniversary of the collision and sinking of  Italian luxury liner,  Andrea Doria.  This is what I explained:

It’s a sad day for me, remembering what my family experienced 55 years ago. Especially my grandparents who never got over the trauma of fighting for survival on the dark and deep Atlantic. On this day I commemorate their courage for bringing me to America, handing me over to my new family, and starting from nothing (having lost all belongings) to build a new life.

Featured “On This Day” in the New York Times: you can read a brief account of the Andrea Doria- Stockholm collision– the worst sea collision between two ocean liners in peacetime history–http://www.nytimes.com/learnin​g/general/onthisday/big/0725.h​tml#article
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