Quote from William Hoffer

My friend,Doug Kitchener, posted on Facebook this  beautiful extract.  It seems very appropriate  while we are honoring  the greatest sea rescue in history on  July 26, 1956. And,  as we mourn the passing of Michael LaPrade, a young diver passionate to rediscover the cadaver of previous opulence.
“Men and women, in the routine of their lives, are rarely tested to a point near the limits of their courage and endurance. Yet in each of us lies the question: what would I do _if_. For most, the question remains unanswered, for the test never comes…. Most of us, therefore, can never know what we would do  if_…”

From Saved! The Story of the Andrea Doria – The Greatest Sea Rescue in History, by William Hoffer, Summit Books, New York, 1979.”

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