Another Andrea Doria Coincidence

This excerpt  is from an e-mail I received  this summer.   No matter where I go, someone shares another Andrea Doria coincidence with me.  This one has a little different twist.

As you recall, when Rosalie and I met you at the Sterling Heights Rotary International Thursday Luncheon at Jovan’s Steak House. My parents were born in Casteltermini, Sicily, but after getting married in 1944 they went to work in the coal mines at Pola and Fiume, in Istria, Italian Dalmatia. Because of the war had started they had to immigrate back to Italy.  I was born in Cesena (Forli’), Emilia Romagna, in 1946. I stated that My dad, Francesco and my mother, Concetta and I came to the States on a TWA Flight from Rome in May 1956. We stopped in Dublin, Ireland, Gander, Newfoundland, Canada and finally New York.  The trip took 22 hours. My mother had been deadly afraid of aeroplanes and she had wanted to make the journey on the Andrea Doria.
Two trunks of all our belongings and treasured possessions which willl never be replaced  were on the Andrea Doria. My parents received the funds [reimbursement] from the Shipping Company.  My parents started life here in Detroit by going to live on the lower East Side Italian Section called. (Caca Lupo)with just two suitcaes that they carried on the plane from Italy.
My father was a barber and he lost all his tools and my mother had all our treasured photos of us and our relatives. I just recently found a stack documents that my dad had saved.  Receipts from  payment for the trip from the Catholic Relief Services. Letters from the Insurance Company etc. let me know if you want any copies of what I have going back 60 years.

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