Lyrics and new tune: “The Wreck of the Costa Concordia”

I found this to be creative and in good taste.


Here’s my musical contribution to the on-going saga of the wreck of the luxury liner Costa Concordia: 

Charles Ipcar, ©2012
Tune: traditional Greenland Fisheries

The Wreck of the Costa Concordia

It was Friday night when we set sail,
January the thirteenth day,
When our gallant ship the Costa Concordia
For Giglio bore away, brave boys,
For Giglio bore away!

Our Captain rose from his dining seat,
A wine glass in his hand,
“Let’s slip up to the bridge, my sweet,
You’ll see us kiss the land,” brave boys,
“You’ll see us kiss the land!”

The night was clear and the moon was full,
And the sea was smooth like glass,
As our ship sped on full fifteen knots,
“Just see how close we pass,” brave boys,
“Just see how close we pass!”

As our ship steamed in our Captain called
His old friend on the shore;
“Look sharp, old man, you’ll soon see a sight
You’ll remember evermore,” brave boys,
“You’ll remember evermore!”

The point loomed up as our Captain spoke,
And our helmsman began to sweat,
But it was not his place to raise his voice
And urge the course re-set, brave boys,
And urge the coarse re-set.

“Too close, too close!” our Captain cried,
“Full starboard, post hoc!”
Our helmsman swung her hard and fast,
But could not clear the rock, brave boys,
Could not clear the rock!

She scraped the rock as she swung by
And her hull was ripped asunder;
Her lights went out and she began to fill,
‘Twas all a bloody blunder, brave boys,
‘Twas all a bloody blunder!

There was mass confusion on the decks,
The passengers rushed the boats;
Our engines failed but the ship plowed on,
But would she remain afloat, brave boys,
Would she remain afloat?

As the list grew worse our Captain bold,
Swung the ship around,
She drifted in toward the shore,
And soon was hard aground, brave boys,
She soon was hard aground!

Some lifeboats failed to launch
And there was much alarm,
But our Captain slipped into his gig
With his broad clutched under his arm, brave boys,
With his broad clutched under his arm!

Most were saved but some were lost,
And the ship was a total wreck,
But our Captain paddled to the shore
Resolved to save his neck, brave boys,
Resolved to save his neck!

Now Giglio Isle is a romantic place,
When the moon and stars shine bright;
Best keep to the channel one and all
Or you will feel its bite, brave boys,
Or you will feel its bite!

I suspect this ballad will change some as more is revealed from the investigation, and if I can come up with some better lines or verses. Suggestions are welcome.

Charley Noble


Source: The Mudcat Cafe



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