"The Decay of the Andrea Doria" to be Presented at SNAME Annual Conference

On October 22, my friends John Moyer and Steve Gatto are heading to the SNAME (society of naval architects and marine engineers) conference in Rhode Island. Their friend, naval architect Phil Simms, will be presenting a scientific paper co-authored by Moyer, Gatto, and Simms called “The Decay of the Andrea Doria”.

The collaboration has come about after hundreds and hundreds of dives the 250 foot deep wreck which was once a luxurious liner. Now, the dive is known as the Mount Everest of the Deep, not only because of its dangerous depth, but because it is in the epicenter of turbulence, one of the reasons for the danger-imposing decay. Only the most experienced shipwreck divers usually attempt the site, which is filled with lurking dangers: cables, collapsed floors and walls,  fishermen’s nets to name a few. (See chapter 12 of Alive on the Andrea Doria for more details.)

I will be sharing details on this blog on the decay of the Andrea Doria, after the presentation. The three presenters have done extensive research on this topic, which will offer scientific data for use in marine forensic science.

The scientific report on the Decay of the Andrea Doria will be presented at a special session of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers in Providence, Rhode Island on 22 October 2009 at 12 PM  in the Convention Center there.

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